ALS Ice Bucket Challenge for Christians

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

My day has finally come! (sense the sarcasm?) I have received the Ice Bucket challenge for ALS. I can choose to accept the challenge and donate $100 to ALS research or I can “cop out” and donate a smaller amount if I agree to dump a bucket of ice over my head. I’d like to say I donated but $100 is a lot of money for some of us. Besides, I have a bigger problem with the ALS Association (the recipient of donations by this viral trend).

Christians Need to Think Twice

What’s the big deal? It’s a charity donation to research a cure for an incurable disease. But things aren’t always what they seem. The ALS Association supports Embryonic stem cell research which destroys living human embryos in the name of finding a life-saving cure. In layman’s terms, this aborts a human life.

The Ethical Ice Bucket Challenge

Many Christians are not taking the challenge because of this. I almost didn’t do the challenge or donate because of this either. But ALS is still a terminal disease without a cure and needs research. Ethical research. Fortunately, there are alternatives. I will be donating to the Midwest Stem Cell Therapy Center (MSCTC) at the University of Kansas Medical Center since they do not participate in the unethical embryonic stem cell research. A variety of ethical ALS research centers can be found on’s website.

Here comes the Fun!

And without further ado, here’s my video for your viewing pleasure.

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