Multilist Subscribe for Sendy

Multilist Subscribe for Sendy

The Sendy Multilist plugin for WordPress offers a widget which allows subscribers to be added to 1, or multiple, lists at once. is a great email marketing system that is much more affordable than MailChimp or the like. Literally, 100 times cheaper! And because it supports Amazon SES, Sendy has high deliverability rates. Sendy can also integrate with any SMTP relay service such as MandrillSendGridSparkpostElasticemailMailGunMailJet, and more. Sendy Multilist lets you use on your WordPress website – even if you have multiple lists!

There are some WordPress plugins that offer simple Subscriber widgets. Some manage lists directly within WordPress while other plugins interface with MailChimp or a similar email service provider. But most of those WordPress plugins only give the reader one list to subscribe to.

Sendy Multilist WordPress Plugin

Sendy Multilist uses post notifications, in WordPress, to send your Sendy email marketing campaigns. It’s relatively easy to install this plugin and set things up – and setup only has to be done once.

Where to Get the Sendy Multilist WordPress Plugin

You can download Sendy Multilist, for free, from the WordPress plugin directory by visiting the Sendy Multilist plugin page on You can also search for the plugin directly from your WordPress website, in the “Add New” plugin page.

How to Use Sendy Multilist

  1. Navigate to “Sendy Email Templates”, then “Add New”, to create a Sendy campaign template associated with a post type – Subscribers to this campaign will receive the campaign emails when a new post of that post type is published.
  2. Navigate to “Appearance”, then “Widgets”, and add a “Sendy Multilist” widget to your WordPress website – this is the subscribe form for the Sendy campaigns you created in the previous step.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this plugin include Sendy?

No. Sendy is a separate product created by You can purchase your own license for the self-hosted installation of and set it up yourself.

Where do I Find API Key?

Login to your Sendy account and click your account name (in the top right corner), then click “Settings”. Your API Key will be on the right-hand side of your Settings page. Copy that key and paste it into the “Sendy API Key” field, in your “Sendy Multilist” Widget.

Where do I find my List ID?

  1. Login to your Sendy account and click “View All Lists” in the gray box located on the left. (If you have multiple “Brands” in your Sendy account, you must select a brand first).
  2. When viewing the “Subscriber Lists” page, in Sendy, the “ID” Column contains the list IDs. Hover over the ID for the list you want to add to WordPress to select it, then use your keyboard to copy that value (Control + C on Windows, Command + C on Mac). Paste that value into the “List ID” field in your Sendy Campaign Template, in WordPress.

What if I’m stuck?

In your WordPress admin area you can click on “Sendy Campaign Templates” > “Contact Us” and ask your question. We will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Conclusion is a great email marketing tool because it works so well and is super inexpensive. While it is still a young software package that can benefit from some improvements, it is a great alternative to some of the other, more expensive, email marketing tools out there.

3 thoughts on “Multilist Subscribe for Sendy

  1. 404 error.

    Hi Chris, thanks for creating this. I’m enjoying sendy but really needed a multi-subscribe list for the site. I’ve been setting your up. So far worked as advertised until I tried to sign up for one of my lists and I got a 404 error.

    Page not found. Bit confused by that since my Sendy is operation and all in the informatio (ID etc) was input correctly. Any thoughts.

    Thanks in advance,

    Kipp Gillian

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