Page vs Post in WordPress

Page vs post is one of the basic concepts of using WordPress. So what are they? What is the difference between page vs post?

page vs post

Page VS Post: What is a Page?

A page, in WordPress, is a webpage on your website that is intended for static content. What I mean by that is content that rarely changes. This could be your “About Me” page. It could also be a page used by a plugin to perform an action, such as logging members into your website or accepting payment from your customers or even run a forum on your website.

Page VS Post: What is a Post?

While a post contains many of the same pieces as a page – like a title, body, feature image, categories and tags – the posts serve a completely different purpose in WordPress. A post is intended to be used for news, topical information, or time-based content. Unlike pages, posts are not meant to all be written prior to a blog’s launch. Posts are meant to be added to the website over time and are displayed in a list together (with the newest post at the top and the oldest post at the bottom of the list).


Knowing the difference between a page vs post is a basic concept in WordPress. Without understanding the difference, WordPress can seem very complex and even overwhelming. Hopefully you’ve found this comic informative, and entertaining. Leave a comment and let me know some other basic concepts you feel are important to understanding WordPress, I’d love to know how your journey toward SuperHero status is progressing!

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