Are Ghosts Real?

Image taken from Answers In Genesis – Do you believe in Ghosts?

The other day, I was driving past some creatively decorated homes, with spooky life-sized halloween “characters” on their front porch. I began thinking back to a Bible study I participated in some time ago about Ghosts, and other spooky halloween “apparitions”. I began dusting the cobwebs of my brain, trying to remember exactly what the Bible says about Ghosts.

Wouldn’t you know, the next day I saw an article in my Facebook Feed about that very thing. The article was published on the Answers In Genesis blog, an organization whose thoroughly Biblical views I’ve come to highly respect over the years. Answers in Genesis (AiG) is probably best known for their Creation Museum but, in the recent past, has gained a lot of attention from the public eye for hosting a debate of whether Creation A Viable Model of Origins between it’s leader Ken Ham and the famed Bill Nye “The Science Guy”.

Reading this AiG article about the existence (or lack thereof) of ghosts only validated the beliefs that I already had by further grounding me with Biblical proof for what I believe.

So, Are ghosts real? I strongly encourage you, Christian or not, to give this article an honest read and decide for yourself. How you answer this question could influence what happens to you beyond the grave!

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