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We are all Addicts: Part 1

I know it’s been a couple weeks since I’ve posted anything to my blog. I apologize for not keeping in touch with you, as my valued reader. But this topic has such an impact on all of our lives I wanted – no, I needed – to take my time and prayerfully make sure that what I tell you is strictly from the Bible. This mini-series could have been titled “What does the Bible say about addiction?” but it’s important that we understand we are all addicted to something no matter how “good” we think we are. Yes even me and you.

Every single one of us is Continue reading

3 things you didn’t know about the Signers of the Declaration of Independence

Independence Day

Who signed it?

56 delegates from the 13 colonies signed the Declaration of Independence. Many, but not all, of these men were lawyers. There were several doctors, plantation owners, business men, preachers, even farmers!

Several religious denominations were represented by this group of men as well, yet God remained at the forefront of these delegates minds when creating the Declaration of Independence, as one can clearly see from its text (emphasis Continue reading