Blog with Purpose

The most common purpose people start a blog is because they have a message they want to share with the world that they believe will help other people in some way. There are other reasons too, and often times bloggers do what they do for several reasons. Maybe they need extra cash or want to replace their income. Maybe they want the share their hobby with the world or journal their family life for people they love.

Blog with Purpose

But why do you, and I, really blog? I mean deep down in your heart. Why do we want to blog? why you, or me?

Your Message is Unique

We each have unique life experiences. Anybody can write about your topic, but only you can write about your experiences. We all have something unique to say, or a special talent to share with the world.

Do we do it for money? Yes that can be a legitimate reason to blog. And is there anything wrong with that? Absolutely not.

Anybody can write about your topic, but only you can write about your experiences. Share on X

But more important than chasing the almighty dollar is that we find our passion and blog about that. If we find ourselves blogging about things we don’t care about, burnout is right around the corner. So don’t even start unless you have a purpose that you are passionate about. Michael Hyatt has some fun ideas to find your passion and purpose, if you don’t already know.

Even if you’re blogging about a popular topic, nobody can share your life experiences better than you.

Your Blog’s Purpose

If you have found your passion and purpose for blogging, great! There is a world of people out there who could benefit from your unique message. Get started today!

If you’ve found your blog’s purpose, I’d love to hear what inspires you in the comments below! If you’re not sure, or haven’t narrowed down your passion yet, I’d love to hear from you too! In either case, subscribe below to stay tuned because my passion is to help bloggers get past their technology pain points and succeed at blogging with WordPress and I’d love to share my passion with you!

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