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How to switch email providers without losing your emails

Recently, I needed to switch to a new email server and I didn’t want to lose all my emails. If I were switching from one cPanel web host to another it would be easy because cPanel has a migration process. But What if you’re moving between two different types of systems? I figured there has to be an easy, generic, way to switch email providers without losing all your emails.

Switch email providers easily, with imapsync

Say hello to imapsync. Imapsync is a Linux program you can migrate an email account from any provider to any other one.

And because it’s a Linux command line program you can easily script a migration for hundreds, or even thousands, of mailboxes with a simple script.

You can also use this to switch from Hotmail to Gmail.

Head on over to the author’s page and see how easy imapsync is to use. He even provides a basic script for you to use when migrating a group of mailboxes!

The source code to this amazingly simple, yet effective, tool is on github.com, for you tech-savy geeks.

Switch email addresses without linux

So, you’re not a linux person. No worries, there’s a solution for you too! The creator of imapsync also created an online tool that lets you run imapsync in your browser. There’s no geeky skills required, but your friends may start considering you a smart geek once you tell them that you were able to switch to a new email address without losing your emails!

For you linux gurus who don’t like installing tools on your server that you’re only going to use once, this is also a viable choice!

Check out this awesome, web-based tool at https://imapsync.lamiral.info/X/.


what have you done to keep from losing all your emails? Have you had to wrestle with a custom script in order to migrate from one system to another? Tell me about it in the comments.