Links, 1st Edition

.comTechnology is such a useful thing especially when it integrates with our daily lives. And with that, the internet can be a great source of knowledge, and resources, if you can find what you’re looking for. I will be sharing a collection of links each month that I’ve found interesting or otherwise useful.

  • It’s not too late to stock up on inexpensive 4th of July supplies on! Think Wal-mart might be quicker? Don’t forget can be cheaper and (for most states in the USA) is tax free! You can often ship overnight too!
  • is a free, and painfully easy, video chat website! No software to install on your computer, and you can share your screen or a specific window if you want. They have an iPhone app too (sorry android users)!
  • Want the benefits of grocery coupons without the hassle of Extreme Couponing? Give a try.
  • Netflix Roulette can help you decide what movie to watch tonight. However, in spite of providing you with several filters, they forgot 2 obvious ones: Genre and TV Guideline Rating.
  • is a free GPS app for your phone that can notify you of heavy traffic, hazards, speed traps and even show you the average speed limit and distance remaining in a traffic jam! Waze has a social aspect to it, but that can be easily ignored. Note: Please do not let this app distract you from paying attention to the road. 
  • Feex – from Uri Levine, a co-founder of Waze – takes the mystery out of your investment fees so you can know the real cost of an investment and how your rates compare to others with the same account from that vendor.

My intention here is to point out websites that make technology practical, or teach something about technology, family life, or my faith in God. If you have any useful links or would like to see links about a specific aspect of technology, family life, or God, please share that with me in the comments.

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