Links, 1st Edition

.comTechnology is such a useful thing especially when it integrates with our daily lives. And with that, the internet can be a great source of knowledge, and resources, if you can find what you’re looking for. I will be sharing a collection of links Continue reading

Why I left and how I did it


If you’re interested in having a free blog with basic functionality and a few options, may fit the bill. Your blog will be subjected to their branding and and advertising, especially if you choose a free template Continue reading


I’ve enjoyed all the cool experiences of starting my own blog. It’s been fun. But up to this point I’ve been blogging for free on Hosting this blog on was convenient in many ways but I had to play by their Continue reading

Why fatherhood is fascinating!

When I was in grade school my dad and I spent many Sunday afternoons attempting Continue reading

My Salvation Testimony

A good friend of mine, Jeff Johnson challenged me to write out my salvation testimony in “elevator pitch” form. Why write it? And why in “elevator pitch” form? Because writing it in short form forces you to think through it and include only the necessary details so you don’t lose the attention of your audience. I challenge any Christian who Continue reading