Multilist Subscribe, for Sendy *Shortcodes supported only by this plugin
[post_title] The title of the post you’re publishing (this will be included as a hyperlink to your post)
[post_content] The body of your post (WordPress shortcodes, within the post’s content, are supported)
[post_excerpt] The excerpt of your post (the entire post_content will be used if no excerpt can be determined. Additionally, WordPress shortcodes, within the post’s excerpt, are supported)
[read_more] The words “read more” will be included as a link to your post
[post_url] Just the actual link to your post. Great for use with your own buttons!
[featured_image] the post’s featured image will be displayed in the templaet
[featured_image_url] Just the actual link to the featured image. This can be handy if you need special formatting in the email campaign template. Shortcodes *Provided by, and only available to Sendy
[Name,fallback=] *This shortcode injects the subscribers name, or a fallback phrase that you specify if no name exists
[Email] *The subscriber’s email will be included as a link to open a new email to the reader
[webversion] *A link to the web version of the email, to be viewed in a browser
[unsubscribe] *A link the subscriber can use to unsubscribe from your email list

WordPress shortcodes are also supported in the Email Message Body.